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Debunking the Myths – About

Debunking the Myths: The Science Behind Our Sexual Health was launched in 2022 as a series of four-hour, interactive sexual health workshops for TY students.

In 2022 alone we have hosted three in-person workshops in Dublin City and one online. Nearly 2,000 students gathered in workshops where our experts discussed and debunked a number of myths associated with sexual health and wellbeing.

In January and March 2023 we will hold a total of four in-person workshops in Dublin and another in April online.

Schools can register to an event contacting:

Each of these workshops focus on four topics including the anatomy of the vulva, periods, contraception, prophylaxis, the HPV vaccine, STIs, and the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit.

Meet the Team

Prof Fergal Malone

Professor Fergal Malone is the programme lead. Consultant obstetrician, as well as a sub-specialist consultant in maternal-fetal medicine, Prof. Malone is currently (since 2005) the Professor and Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the RCSI School of Medicine in Dublin, Ireland, as well as Master of the Rotunda Hospital Dublin since 2016.

Prof Fergal Malone

Hollie Byrne

Hollie is the project administrator. She graduated from Dublin City University in 2019 with a BA Joint Hons in English Literature and History. Her final year project reflected on the history of sexuality in Coolock, Dublin from 1980 – 1998. She has also worked on our SFI project ‘BIAS: Inequality in Women’s Health & Research’.

Hollie Byrne

Zara Molphy

Zara is the project co-lead. As Research Programme Manager, she supports the strategic research development of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at The Rotunda Hospital Dublin. She oversees and delivers on strategic operational plans and supports a number of clinical trials and educational and public outreach projects at the department.

Dr Zara Molphy

Mark Kerins

Mark is the graphic designer for both the Rotunda Hospital and the RCSI Research Department. He graduated from NCAD in 2015 with a BA in Product design. He has worked on many initiatives on women’s health with the department since then.

Mark Kerins

Elisa Belmonte

Elisa is Research Communications Officer at the RCSI, where she has worked on outreach projects on women’s health since 2019. She has a background in Science and Health Communications, as well as in PR and Communication Marketing. When she is not working, you can find her cooking Italian food or dancing Lindy Hop.

Elisa Belmonte

Meadhbh-Áine O’Flaherty

Meadhbh Aine is a Research Communications Officer at the RCSI, where she has worked on outreach projects for women since 2016. She created the “Real Talk with Real Mums” Podcast which won the Irish Healthcare Awards “Patient Education Project of the Year” in 2020. She is passionate about making healthcare education accessible.

Meadhbh Aine O’Flaherty

Our mission

Our mission is to provide factual information to young people about sexual and reproductive health according to current and proven scientific research. We want to prepare students to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing.

Scientific Education

We are dedicated to providing relevant, factual information about the science behind sexual wellbeing from the experts in the field.

Inclusivity & Respect

In line with RCSI’s core values, we are committed to inclusivity, fostering engagement and collaboration with the public, schools, and healthcare professionals.

Skilled Experts

Our doctors & educators have many years of experience in their respective backgrounds, it is our mission to provide schools with their expert and non-judgemental knowledge.