Contraception FAQs from Brook

Contraception FAQs page was created by Brook sex education in the UK. It answers popular questions and addresses common myths about contraception. It also has link at the end of the page which provides a comprehensive and non-judgemental quiz helping you decide which contraception might be right for you.

Debunking the Myths we provide teens with resources about contraceptives because it equips them with the knowledge to make responsible and informed decisions about their sexual health. Teaching proper condom use empowers you to take control of your reproductive health and make choices which suit you best. Encouraging open discussions about condom use can help reduce the stigma associated with using condoms. This can create a more supportive environment for teens to make decisions regarding your sexual health without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. Understanding different contraceptive and prophylaxis use can help young people make decisions to protect themselves against unintended pregnancies and/or STIs. By promoting comprehensive knowledge about contraceptives, teens can take charge of their sexual health, communicate effectively with partners, and engage in consensual relationships and be responsible for their own safe sexual practices.