Prebunking The Myths

“Prebunking The Myths” is a project by researchers from The University Of Cambridge, the University of Bristol and Google Jigsaw. They “prebunk” videos designed to teach users how they may be manipulated online, for example by emotional language designed to stoke outrage or fear. “They then used YouTube’s BrandLift engagement tool to show that users who saw a prebunking video were 5-10% better than a control group at correctly identifying misinformation.”

Understanding the importance of media literacy within a sexual health education program like Debunking The Myths: The Science Behind Our Sexual Health is crucial for teenagers today. Media, including social media platforms, films, and ads, often portray unrealistic or exaggerated depictions of relationships, intimacy, and sexual health. If you choose the wrong source, you might also be getting information which doesn’t apply to the Irish medical system. By promoting media literacy, this program aims to help teenagers navigate through these portrayals, discern fact from fiction, and to critically analyse the information they encounter. Developing these skills empowers them to make informed decisions about sexual health, recognise credible sources of information, and build healthier relationships based on accurate knowledge rather than misconceptions perpetuated by the media. It’s about empowering them to be savvy, informed, and in control of their own sexual health journey based on their own individual wants and needs.