Sexual Wellbeing Ireland

Sexual Wellbeing Ireland or is a resource from the HSE where they have created their own database of sexual health and wellbeing resources for all ages and within the Irish healthcare context.

This includes information on: 

It also includes resources for parents and healthcare professionals. 

At Debunking The Myths we are dedicated to providing teens with comprehensive sexual health and wellbeing resources as it empowers them to make informed and responsible decisions about their bodies and relationships. Access to accurate information about sexual health, consent, contraception, STI prevention, and emotional well-being helps teens navigate the complexities of adolescence and promotes a positive and healthy attitude towards their sexuality. It also helps to counteract the sexual health misinformation crisis teenagers today face. These resources also help to protect their physical and emotional health, reduce the risk of unintended pregnancies and STIs, and create a culture of open communication and respect in their relationships. Ultimately, comprehensive sexual health education equips adolescents with the knowledge and tools they need to prioritise their well-being and establish safe and consensual relationships throughout their lives.