The Pleasure Project

The Pleasure Project is a sexual health organisation who advocate for safe and pleasure based positive sex education internationally. Their Pleasure Principles are designed to act as a guide and inspiration to support people and organisations to embark on the journey towards a sex-positive, pleasure-based approach to sexual health. They designed this with The World Association of Sexual Health’s (WAS) Pleasure Declaration in mind. They regards it as an important document that outlines how self-determination, consent, safety and the confidence and ability to communicate and negotiate sexual relations are essential to pleasure and sexual health and well-being.   

At Debunking The Myths we know that including pleasure in sexual health education for young people is crucial because it promotes a comprehensive understanding of healthy sexuality. It helps debunk harmful myths, misconceptions, and taboos surrounding pleasure, fostering a positive and informed attitude towards our own sexual well-being. It also encourages open communication, consent, exploration of desires, and the development of healthy sexual relationships, ultimately promoting a holistic and empowered approach to sexuality.