TooIntoYou Ireland

TooIntoYou Ireland is an initiative by Women’s Aid Ireland to teach young people about intimate relationship abuse. Their services include awareness campaigns of the red flags of abuse, differentiating healthy and unhealthy relationships, instant messaging support and researching about intimate relationship abuse.  

Amongst the resources available include a healthy/unhealthy relationship quiz, identifying the red flags of abuse and stories from survivors of abuse. The website also provides a section about getting help if you find yourself under these circumstances. 

Intimate relationship abuse can include, but not limited to: 

  • Emotional (gaslighting and manipulating) 
  • Physical (slapping, kicking, punching and choking) 
  • Sexual (sexual activities without or lack of consent) 
  • Online (cyber harassment) 
  • Economic (controlling financial access) 
  • Coercive (feeling trapped) 

Unfortunately, intimate relationship abuse is common. In Ireland, 1 in 5 young women have been in an abusive relationship with a current or ex male partner. If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, support is there for you. 

Debunking the Myths works with a team of experts from the sexual assault treatment unit (SATU). Based in the Rotunda hospital, the SATU team provides support and care for survivors of sexual assault. The services are free and confidential. SATU clinics are found nationwide – they have a list of where they can be accessed