Teaching Boys Consent: From the University of Surrey

Teaching Boys Consent is a resource by Doctor Emily Setty in the University of Surrey for teachers, parents and students. In this PDF she explains her research with adolescents, her methods and their outcomes. She also delves into why and how to teach young men aspects of consent. She talks about how to create effective communication, work through taboo and stigma associated with young men and consent, and how to identify gender roles which are harmful to men.

At Debunking The Myths we know that including consent and gender roles in sexual health education for young people is crucial because it promotes a comprehensive understanding of healthy relationships. It helps debunk harmful myths, misconceptions, and taboos surrounding consent and communication, fostering a positive and informed attitude towards our own sexual well-being. It also encourages open communication, exploration of desires, and the development of healthy relationships with ourselves and with others, ultimately promoting a holistic and empowered approach to sexuality regardless of your gender.