We-Consent Campaign

We-Consent Ireland is a new long-term national programme to inform, educate and engage with all members of our society about consent. This project is run by the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, and supported by the Department of Justice and Community Foundation Ireland 

They provide resources for  

  • Parents and caregivers 
  • Young people 
  • Survivors of sexual assault 
  • Those supporting others 
  • LGBTIAQ+ people 

Their resources include: 

  • Trauma and its impacts 
  • Law and the legal system in Ireland 
  • Emotional intelligence and regulation 
  • Masculinity 

They also provide a hub called We-Speak for people to submit and read survivors stories.

At Debunking The Myths we believe it is essential for teens to learn about consent. It lays the foundation for respectful and healthy relationships. Understanding consent allows teens to develop better communication skills, empathy, and a clear understanding of personal boundaries and those of others. This knowledge helps prevent potential harm, reduces the risk of abusive situations, and promotes a positive culture of mutual respect, trust, and consent in all aspects of their lives.