Gender Dictionary

Gender Dictionary: Healthline have assembled a dictionary of gender identities and terms which could be useful if you wish to define yours or find out more.

“Sex” and “gender” are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they do not have the same meaning. Sex is a biological characteristic – which is associated with the external genitalia and chromosomes for example. Gender on the other hand is an identity – it is a social characteristic. While the traditional view of gender is simply a man or woman, the modern view is that gender exists on a spectrum. Healthline have developed a gender dictionary that comprehensively lists and explains the genders. 

Knowing the correct language and using them appropriately allows us to understand the wide spectrum of gender.  

At Debunking the Myths, we recognise that understanding and exploring your gender is an essential component of good sexual health and wellbeing. We are privileged to work with a team of healthcare professionals, who are dedicated to promoting inclusivity in a non-judgemental environment. Discovering your gender identity is a life-long journey and exploring your gender identity is normal regardless of your age or sexuality.