Sexuality Dictionary

Sexuality dictionary is a resource which can be helpful if you want to define your sexuality or want a more comprehensive understanding of sexualities. Unite UK, a collective of queer individuals working towards further LGBTQIA+ representation has developed a sexuality dictionary: the A-Z list of sexualities. This list is very comprehensive, and sheds a light on the fluid nature of sexuality while showing representation of the diversity of sexuality. Knowledge is empowering, and we feel that knowing yourself and your sexuality is a vital component of sexual health.  

A key takeaway from Debunking the Myths workshop is that exploring your sexuality, your gender, your sexual pleasure and developing your sexual identity is healthy. It is a life-long process of discovery and it is totally normal. 

Discovering your sexuality is a deeply personal journey that unfolds over time and can be influenced by experiences and interactions with others. We cannot emphasise enough the need to be kind, compassionate and understanding to one another. Embracing your sexuality empowers you to form healthy relationships and lead a life that is truly yours.  

Our team at Debunking the Myths recognises and celebrates the diversity of sexuality and we strive to be inclusive in our educational materials and outreach programmes. Catered for secondary students in senior cycle, we have open dialogues about various aspects of sexual health and wellbeing, such as sexual orientation, consent and reproductive anatomy.