Let’s Talk about STIs

Explore an insightful Instagram Guide shedding light on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), featuring valuable insights from Dr. Eoghan De Barra, an Infectious Diseases specialist at RCSI Beaumont Hospital and expert speaker at the Debunking the Myths workshops.

You can access this comprehensive guide on STIs by visiting: Instagram Guide on STIs

This resource is part of a sexual health campaign designed to address misinformation and stigma surrounding STIs among young adults.

With this in mind, we recorded factual, bite-sized videos, specifically addressing common questions raised during our workshops. These engaging videos aim to provide reliable information about STIs in a welcoming, non-judgmental manner, effectively challenging misconceptions prevalent online.

Moreover, we encourage parents, caregivers, and older siblings to delve into these resources as they hold a pivotal role in guiding and educating young people. The videos cover various questions, including “Can I still get an STI if I use a condom?” or “How do you protect yourself from STIs?” .

Join us in learning and engaging confidently in discussions about STIs with those around you!

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