Labia Library

Labia Library is an educational image gallery by the Women’s Health Victoria in Australia. This is an informative page focusing on female anatomy and has a dedicated page with different looking labia. It is aimed at normalising the appearance of the labia of all colours, shapes, and sizes. Please be aware that the page contains images of external genitalia.  

Just like thumbprints, every your labia is unique and slightly different to others. There is so much diversity in the anatomy of the labia that we can celebrate – from its colour, symmetry, and length.  

At Debunking the Myths, we celebrate diversity. Unfortunately, we are aware that most photos online are standardised images that are unsurprisingly photoshopped or edited. If you have ever wondered if your labia are normal or if you thought of removing intimate hair, you are not alone. We’d like to add that it is your body, and it is ultimately your choice.