What is a vulva?

What is a vulva from Brook, a sexual wellbeing outreach programme from the UK, is an excellent resource for normalising the appearance of the vulva.  

At Debunking the Myths, we like Brook, are committed to cultivating a positive attitude towards sexual health and celebrating the importance of sexual wellbeing – this starts with understanding our bodies.  

This answers questions like: What is a vulva? Are the vulva and vagina the same? 

Vulva and vagina are often wrongly used interchangeably. The vulva is the outer part of the female genitalia whereas the vagina is the muscular canal that connects the vulva to the cervix. All vulvas are different, there is no set “normal” or “standard” appearance of the vulva, despite what standandardised images on the internet may lead you to believe. 

Amongst the resources provided by Brook include their booklet about the “normal” female anatomy and providing support about sex and contraception. Embracing the uniqueness of the vulva is key to building a healthier relationship with our bodies and sexuality, and this contributes towards a more informed and inclusive society.