Free Condoms Ireland

Free Condoms Ireland: Always come prepared. Using a condom during every sexual encounter is the best way to help protect yourself and your partner against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and unplanned pregnancy (link here). The free condom initiative is sponsored by the HSE to improve sexual health and wellbeing.  

You can access free condoms and lubricants from various locations such as universities, local STI clinics and not-for-profit organisations. Additionally, you can avail of their postal services nationwide. Rest assured, they come in discreet packaging.  

The team at Debunking the Myths believes it is everyone’s responsibility to promote safe sex. We actively address the myths surrounding condoms and advocate for the usage of condoms throughout our many workshops led by experts in infectious disease and health psychologists. We carry out outreach programmes, especially targeted for secondary school students in transition year and senior cycle.