Image Based Intimate Abuse Ireland

Image Based Intimate Abuse: has replaced previously used inappropriate terms to describe posting an intimate image online or the sharing it by any other means, without the consent of the person in the image. It also includes any image claiming to be of an intimate part of a person’s body or an image of underwear covering that part of their body. 

Sharing an image without consent, with or without intent to cause harm, even if willingly sent to a trusted person, is a criminal offensse. It can also involve capturing content without the person’s knowledge. 

The law also makes it an offence to send an intimate image purporting or claiming to be of another person even if the image is not actually of them. This is often referred to as a ‘deep fake’. 

The Department of Justice Ireland created a dedicated page providing resources focused on image based abuse. This includes how to report and get support if someone has posted an intimate photo of you online or if you are in an abusive relationship. 

The Department of Justice leads the Governments response to Intimate Image Abuse. This includes developing policy and legislation to tackle the issue as well as raising awareness of the new criminal offences brought in under Coco’s Law as part of the ‘No Excuses’ ‘No Excuses’ campaign on sexual harassment and sexual violence. 

At Debunking the Myths we know that by educating teens about image-based intimate abuse, they can better protect themselves and their peers, learn to have empathy and respect for others’ boundaries, and contribute to a safer and more compassionate online community. Learning about this issue also helps teens understand the importance of consent and responsible digital behaviour, promoting a culture of digital respect and responsibility.