Sexual Assault Treatment Ireland

Sexual Assault Treatment in Ireland: The HSE provide information on all your care options if you have been sexually assaulted. 

If you need urgent help call 112 or 999. 

This includes:  

  • Getting help after rape or sexual assault 
  • What happens at a Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU) 
  • Where to find a SATU 
  • Forensic exam after  
  • Feedback on the care and service  
  • Resources for healthcare professionals 

SATUs look after all genders and gender identities, aged 14 years and over. If you’re under 14, you can get help at Child and Adolescent Forensic Medical Assessment Services 

They can help if you have experienced unwanted sexual contact of any kind. They can also help if you cannot remember what happened but think you may have been sexually assaulted. 

A SATU can offer you: 

  • a health check 
  • medication 
  • a forensic exam 

Your healthcare needs are their priority and they will offer you a health check whether you decide to have a forensic exam or not. If you change your mind once you are at the SATU, you can choose not to go ahead with the forensic exam. You can stop the exam or ask for a break at any time. 

At Debunking The Myths we provide factual resources for adolescents  to learn about sexual assault treatment to ensure they are aware of the support available if they or someone they know experiences sexual assault. Understanding the available treatment options, such as medical care, counselling, and support services, can help survivors cope with the trauma and begin the healing process. Educating adolescents about sexual assault treatment also helps reduce stigma and shame surrounding the topic, encourages reporting, and promotes a culture of empathy and support for survivors. This knowledge empowers adolescents to be informed advocates for their own well-being and that of others, brining about a safer and more compassionate community for everyone.