STI Testing Ireland

STI Testing Ireland: This resource is brought to you by It is a comprehensive list of the STI testing sites around Ireland including centres focused on LGBTQIA+ testing.

The counties they include are:  

  • Carlow 
  • Clare 
  • Cork 
  • Donegal 
  • Dublin 
  • Galway 
  • Kerry 
  • Laois 
  • Limerick 
  • Louth 
  • Mayo 
  • Sligo 
  • Tipperary 
  • Waterford 
  • Westmeath 


Debunking The Myths would like to add that you can get STI tests from many GPs, student health services or NGOs (for example HIV Ireland) regardless of your sexuality, but you may have to pay for your test. 

In addition to this, free home testing is available in every county across Ireland from SH24. Anyone who is aged 17 or over can order a free STI test to their home or to any other valid postal address in Ireland. 

At Debunking The Myths, we include STI testing in our sexual health education workshops for young people. We know it helps raise inform young people with factual and judgement-free resources to empower them to make the right choices for themselves. By providing comprehensive information about STIs and testing, sex education can play a crucial role in promoting the sexual health and well-being of young people.